Monday, July 17, 2006

Heat Sizzles: It's summer time in New York, the thermometer is pushing 100 degrees and I'm sweating over Heat the new food memoir by Bill Buford, former fiction editor for The New Yorker who went to work in the kitchen of Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo.

I'm just a few chapter's into Buford's kitchen odyssey and it's enthralling. With an economy of words, he's managing to evoke all of my most disastrous moments during La Technique classes at the French Culinary Institute.

From finger slices to kitchen jargon, to the mauling of several pounds of duck breast, Buford captures the insecurities and raw shock of the talented amateur chef who is suddenly thrust into the frenetic hotbed that is the professional kitchen. And at Chapter Five, I've just finished the appetizer course! Heat is a must for any home cook who wonders what it's really like behind the doors of the three-star restaurant kitchen.

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