Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Devouring the New York Times - Tacos

Wednesday, July 26, 2006: The Dining In/Out Section is back this week and once again bursting with flavor as the excellent "Minimalist" Mark Bittman deconstructs a classic summer bite in, "The Taco Joint in Your Kitchen." Using straightforward, descriptive prose, Bittman conjures up images of a cantina on a steamy summer night and provides a tasty combo of taco lore and practical instruction for creating a truly authentic (e.g. not 'fast food') version of the dish at home. The beautiful step-by-step color photos will get your mouth watering, even if it's breakfast time, and Bittman provides simple recipes for each component that will allow the home chef to assemble a fiesta of fresh flavors. Bittman even clears up the mystery of the real difference between a taco, a burrito, a tostada and an enchilada. Clip this one for future reference. Culinary Types Rating: Savory Dish.

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