Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Food Historians Serve Up a Feast for the Ages" is a story I've posted on www.culinarytypes.com which looks at a fascinating group of time travelers who are tracking our social history one spoonful at a time.

Among the culinary types you'll meet are Dr. Alice Ross who cooks up living history at her Hearth Studios in Smithtown, Long Island. Take a world tour of historic flavors adapted for the modern kitchen with Chef Cathy Kaufman, whose popular workshops introduce students to the cuisines of medievil Persia, Tudor England and Ancient Greece. You'll also meet Lynne Olver, a research librarian from New Jersey who created www.foodtimeline.org and promises to meticulously research and answer questions relating to the history of food.

These and other food historians use a variety of techniques to teach us that what we eat is inextricably linked to key moments in history and fundamental to the human experience. It's a fitting story for "Independence Day." Happy Fourth of July!

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