Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Year of Culinary Types

Local food, local farms, and friends near and far were at the center of the stories that defined the Culinary Types of 2011. Farm fresh chicken, warm bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables, food truck cuisine and wedding cake are the flavors we will forever associate with the year that will shortly pass into memory.

We met Jaime Greci and Lona Graepel, two sisters who believed Long Islanders needed the resources of a farmers market, even in winter. They started the G&G Long Island Winter Farmers Market, which brought us homegrown food in the coldest months, and was received with such enthusiasm that it even continued throughout the year.

My friend Miss Tera showed us that home baked pie is truly a weekday luxury and worth traveling for.

We sobbed in our sparkling wine as my pal Zany left us for the windy city of Chicago, but her New York finale was indeed a grand feast!

I learned the art of the whole wheat boule, using a new iPad app.

Bloggers became authors. My friend, Food Blogga Susan Russo, was crowned “Queen of the Sandwich” with the publication of her book, “The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches.” Julia Shanks helped us make sense of our CSA produce with the publication of her book, “The Farmer’s Kitchen.”

I was reunited with my street food muses Zany and Mad Me-Shell for a map cap "meating" on the streets of Chicago.

The community at Restoration Farm continued to flourish providing friendship and nourishment.

Farm-raised chicken was a delicious new addition at Restoration Farm allowing me to brush up on my poultry prowess.

I explored more food traditions of my native Long Island, braving the crowds for the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival

And, sampling juicy apple varieties at the Jericho Cider Mill.

Donna Sinetar’s heritage hens began laying eggs at Restoration Farm.

Zany even tried her hand at guest blogging from Chicago, pursuing food trucks for humans and other creatures, and flipping over sweet and savory crepes.

And, the Gift Box Wedding Cake added a delectable post-modern flourish to a special ceremony.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy New Year! I’ll be taking a short blogging break as I work on a story for the Spring Issue of Edible Hudson Valley. We’ll speak again in mid-January of 2012!

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