Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Spring Awakening At Restoration Farm

All signs point towards a new beginning – pouring over seed catalogues on a frigid winter day, sowing tiny seeds in February when lunar conditions are exactly right, the colorful pastel eggs that suddenly appear in abundance, and the countless physical jobs all geared towards coaxing the farm back to life.  

It all points towards this moment – opening day at Restoration Farm, where members return to walk the fields and become reacquainted with the source of their food.
There’s always something new to marvel over.   The newly constructed Tin House will be a hub for all types of farm activities, from vegetable distributions to monthly education programs and musical performances.
Just the ability to witness vibrant red lettuce peaking out of the ground, hear a heritage chicken cluck, or touch the pinkish blossoms emerging on the branches at Apple Trace inspires a sense of renewal.  
It is better than a holiday, better than that ritualistic “first pitch,” and certainly better than a trip to the grocery store.   

It is a celebration of soil, water, seeds and community, and the miracle they create in concert.

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