Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hello Summer, Hello Rain, Hello Cherries!

I know the Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be the unofficial start of summer, but it’s feeling much more like late March.  Still, I had cherries on my mind, hoping to make a Fresh Cherry Tart to bring to the East End summer retreat of my college roommate Ford McKenzie

But, with the chilling wind and drizzle, I’d convinced myself that perhaps it was just a bit too early to be in the warm weather mindset and too soon to enjoy the juicy cherries that grace the start of every summer season.

I walked the aisles of the grocer in search of ingredients for a substitute dessert, and nearly stumbled on the produce manager stocking a shelf with – you guessed it – fresh cherries.   The weather be damned.  My dessert was meant to be. 
This Fresh Cherry Tart from Everyday Food is a great option for someone who didn’t want to work too hard this weekend (me).   The baked graham cracker crust is ready in minutes, and filled with a sweetened base of cream cheese and heavy cream whipped into soft peaks.   The cherries are not cooked, so it’s really just a matter of artfully arranging the fresh fruit atop the tart filling. 

Perhaps the most time-consuming job is pitting the cherries.   I tried a cherry pitter, but the slice on the fruit was not as clean, so I used a paring knife and pitted each cherry by hand.   You might recall that Ford McKenzie is a fashion maven, so presentation actually does count.  

While we’re likely to be wearing sweaters this weekend as we hover over the barbecue grill to stay warm, this Fresh Cherry Tart offers a sweet taste of the summer season ahead, and hopefully the balmier weather to come.  

©2013 T.W. Barritt All Rights Reserved


Deana Sidney said...

I feel a little guilty as I bailed on my Vermont weekend. What with the snow and the rain I decided to relax at home instead of driving hours just to sit inside. I'm eating my apple tart to get me over the disappointment-- poor me. Have a great time with that tart.. must try it as I am mad for cherries!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Great choice for your get-together. I'm just beginning to see fresh cherries in our market. And you're right about the cherry pitter. It does not leave a clean edge.

Our weather is crazy. In the thirties in the morning and seventies during the day. Happy Memorial Day T.W.

Kat said...

One of my favorite desserts!

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Sunday T.W.
I know I should be thinking about summer, rain and cherries but, I can't get over the graham cracker crust. I know very strange:)

I've been pretty creative when it comes to pie crust since I am so not the pie crust baker but, graham cracker crust brimming with cherries just makes me feel all summery!

Sending sunshine your way this Memorial Day weekend, T.W. (we actually have some in PA this AM. Have FUN! and be Safe! I'm sure Ford will devour that pie!!!

Axelle the french cook said...

I ate my first cheeries today ! Your tart looks delicious ! Very fresh. It gives me water in mouth.

Gloria Baker said...

Look absolutely georgeous!!!
I love cherries is the more I miss when we are not in summer, we are in autumn!!Your tarta look delicious I love it!

Kalyn Denny said...

The weather is great here but I haven't seen a single cherry. Drooling over yours though!

Zany said...

You don't say...the man who refuses to appropriately dine on the streets while eating truck food also has requirements for food appearance. Hope the tart passed his test - what a way to kick off summer!

laura luciano said...

Funny Story — Before I was born my mother made her first cherry pie and by accident left the pits in it! The dessert definitely left an impact and a cracked tooth! Nice job TW. When you come out east next time stop by! :)

Ford M said...

Z: it is always about the presentation. Pie was awesome; cherry's pitted to perfection; the only thing missing was not being able to wear seersucker because of the one--everyone knows you can only properly eat summer cherry pie while wearing seersucker

Catherine said...

Dear T.W., It was cold this past weekend!! It was more like fall.
I hope you had lots of good hot coffee for the bbq!
The cherry tart does look beautiful. You did a wonderful job slicing the cherries. I am sure your friend will not be disappointed. Blessings, Catherine

Anonymous said...

What kind of sweet cherries would you make a jam with, love the dark cherries mostly!!!??