Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Think, Therefore I Eat

Freya and Paul, who host the witty and irreverent Writing at the Kitchen Table, have very graciously nominated “Culinary Types” for a “Thinking Blogger Award!” A healthy helping of Monty Python seasoned with a dash of Shakespearean drama, Freya and Paul make me laugh and think about the culinary milestones and misadventures that we all share.

Frankly, I’m extremely flattered by their nomination, and glad to know that the stories told here might cause others to think about people and their adoring relationship with food.

Now it’s up to me to nominate five bloggers who make me think. May I have the envelope please?

1. The Old Foodie serves up history by the spoonful from Australia. Her daily posts on food and moments in history remind me of the crucial role food plays in our age-old human drama. And, her retro-cake challenges have kept my baking skills in fine form as I have collaborated with her by recreating cakes of the past.

2. Lydia, who writes The Perfect Pantry, uncovers a wealth of insightful information about the food items in her cupboard. She inspires me to look at even the most basic ingredients in a completely new way.

3. Ari, who writes Baking and Books makes me think about the connections between food, literature, people and place. Don’t miss her excellent Ten Questions with Dorie Greenspan.

4. Susan, aka The Food Blogga is a joy to read. Her funny and heartfelt stories of food and family never fail to remind me how sharing food can strengthen family bonds.

5. Veronica’s Test Kitchen will make you think about the techniques and chemistry of cooking. Although currently on a brief blogging sabbatical, Veronica approaches each new culinary challenge with a keen analytical mind and a refreshing sense of curiosity.

These are my favorite, thought-provoking “culinary types.” They will make you think, and they will make you hungry. I promise! Now, these five have to each nominate five bloggers that make them think. I can't wait to see who they come up with!

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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I'm so flattered -- and to be in such good company. Your blog always makes me think -- and, perhaps the highest compliment, your posts make me wish I were there in your kitchen, looking over your shoulder. I've told many friends about your cooking project with Jill in Canada. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi T.W. , I'm so tickled that you chose me as the thinking blogger type. You and steven (mad chili) tagged me for this almost the same time. I shall nominate my five other bloggers when I get back to blogging on my blog. (I know I would have picked you if you have not been already tagged) :).

Jann said...

I guess I need to do some reading-thanks for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks T.W., thank you for mentioning me! I'm honored. :) I'll try to remember to mention 5 in an upcoming post.... gotta think about how to weave that into the narrative. ;)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Freya said...

Great choice of blogs! There are so many wonderful ones out there to choose from!