Thursday, April 12, 2007

Julia Lives on DVD!

Did you ever fantasize about cooking side-by-side with a famous chef? Ever wish you could hear a tidbit of kitchen wisdom straight from the lips of a renowned gourmet? We all have our "Food Network" fantasy pairings, which is probably why Iron Chef is so successful.

The DVD series from PBS, "Julia Child! The French Chef" is the real deal, an up-close and personal glimpse of a true artisan at work, not to mention a fascinating view of the earlier days of television, before fancy camera work, editing and special effects.

There's nothing fancy here -- it's just Julia and classic French cooking techniques. The food isn't always picture perfect, but it sure is genuine. The camera work is sometimes erratic, and there are long stretches (that would probably be cut by a production team today) where all you see is Julia's capable hands rythmically massaging butter into brioche dough or beating pate a choux into shape. Sometimes, it's even downright messy. Tell me that isn't true to life! I was captivated by long stretches of Julia using her physical tools, namely her hands. No mixers, no gadgets. Just her hands.

"Julia Child! The French Chef" DVD series is a culinary time capsule for any food lover and an extraordinary personal look at a master at work.

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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I love these DVDs! There are three, and I have all of them. From time to time in my cooking groups, we will base a menu around Julia recipes, and watch the show before going into the kitchen. That way we feel that Julia's playful spirit is watching over us. (By the way, the third DVD has the Dan Akyroyd piece from Saturday Night Live -- every bit as classic as Julia herself.)

Freya said...

Thanks for the heads up! We didn't have the pleasure of Julia Childs on TV here in the UK, but I might just get these imported so I can put a face to the book!

Anonymous said...

I have her french Chef DVDs. She is a darling, I love her voice and fun approach to food.