Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Devouring the New York Times – Wednesday, August 23, 2006: Writer Julia Moskin serves up a sensual seaside feast with “A Passion for Mussels” in this week’s “Dining Out” edition. Moskin travels to the remote island in western France called Ile de Re, where gleaming black mussels are the signature summer dish. She chronicles a ritual similar to the New England clambake where fat, sweet mussels are arranged in a pattern of concentric circles on the beach and surrounded by pine needles or grape vines that are ignited. Shortly after, the smoky muscles are served on crusty bread with butter. It’s all so earthy, provocative and so French. The photo of mussels roasting on an open fire is salacious, and Moskin’s prose will have you aching to slurp a bit of their briny, plump flesh. As an added bonus, the section is packed with the flavors of summer, and you’ll find tempting recipes for a Cubano sandwich, Butterscotch Peaches and Asian Seafood Risotto. It is an absolutely yummy summer treat. Culinary Types Rating – Savory Dish.

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