Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Devouring the New York Times – Wednesday, August 2, 2006: The “Escape” Section Meets “Dining Out” today with a bucolic tribute to the summer produce of the rural tri-state area. “Welcome to the Country: Road Trips that Follow the Food” serves up the basic premise that Whole Foods has embraced Mr. Green Jeans and they are friends. In fact, fresh gourmet ingredients that typically might only be found on the island of Manhattan can now be purchased in the exotic lands of Long Beach Island or Columbia County. The cream of the crop food writers of Dining Out, including Julia Moskin, Marian Burros, Florence Fabricant and Kim Severson provide solid tips on restaurants and farm stand fare in Columbia County, Long Beach Island, Litchfield County and the North Fork of Long Island. Each piece reflects the unique character and flavor of the region, be it the seafood of the Jersey Shore or the homemade pies of upstate New York. Tuck this one in the glove compartment for those hungry country weekend getaways. Culinary Types Rating: Savory Dish.

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