Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 – A Year of Culinary Types

As the year 2010 draws to a close, I am grateful for the people who taught me the artistry, the importance and the history of food, those who showed me the simple pleasures of growing and cooking food, and those who remind me time and again of the ultimate adventure afforded us by eating.

To all the Culinary Types of 2010, I celebrate them with a hefty slice of Dorie Greenspan’s “Perfect Party Cake,” a fetching confection of butter cream, raspberry jam and coconut.

At the start of the New Year, we learned a lifetime of culinary lessons from the grit and wisdom of my French Culinary Institute instructor, Chef Candy.

Andrew Kaplan of Yum-o! talked about teaching kids to appreciate food.

Mary D shared her long-coveted recipe for the classic covered dish – a notoriously good rice pudding.

Lynne Olver, the oracle of food history and creator of The Food Timeline, shared how food is our common experience through the ages.

The creators of Gourmet Prep launched a new business in Houston designed to teach foster teens job skills.

Spring finally arrived and with it, another season at Restoration Farm. We relished the first tart of summer.

George Garbarini, the gentleman farmer of Restoration Farm shared his recipe for Iowa City Coffee Cake.

We experienced the joy of Saturday berry picking …

... And, the guilt that comes with CSA membership.

As the record season drew to a close – all too quickly -- we celebrated the farmers and the simple gifts of Restoration Farm.

My college roommate Ford McKenzie lured me on a series of culinary and mixology misadventures, including the voracious incident of the Brooklyn Beefsteak.

And, I couldn’t let the year pass without a nod and a wink to inimitable Mad Me-Shell, dear Zany, and Marie Antoinette, who have made it their mission in life to keep me from eating green beans. You make me laugh, and you make weekdays worthwhile. The search for Mr. Pink, the Chowder Fest, the stop at Frites’ N’ Meats and The Lunch Before Christmas were indeed some of my most memorable dining experiences!

Thanks again for reading, and Happy New Year to All!

©2010 T.W. Barritt All Rights Reserved


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Thanks for another year of bringing fun and fascinating culinary types into our kitchens.

~~louise~~ said...

Here! Here! It sure has been a memorable 2010, T.W.

Wishing you and all your culinary types a very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Thank you for a great year of fabulous food and friends and I'm hungry for more.

Happy new year T.W.

Julia said...

Thank you for a great year of fabulous stories. My new year's resolution is to get to NYC and go on a food truck adventure.

veron said...

Thanks for a great year, and may there me more to come in 2011! Happy New Year, T.W. !

Velva said...

Cheers to you! It's been a great and memorable food year.

Looking forward to Culinary Types in 2011.

Happy New Year.

Mary said...

It has been our pleasure to read and share your culinary adventures T.W. Thank you for great year. Blessings...Mary

Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

Just started following your blog...thanks for the filling me in on all I missed. Looking forward to next year's posts!

Kalyn said...

A year of fun and interesting food adventures! I hope 2011 will be even better for you.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for all the great adventures you took us on this year. Looking forward to many more in 2011. Have a safe and happy New Year!

tasteofbeirut said...

A great year indeed and a wish for many more to come.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!

lostpastremembered said...

Happy New Year, TW. It has been a great pleasure coming along on your adventures and I look forward to many more in 2011!

Zany said...

Well, we know there are at least a half dozen new food trucks hitting the street. It'll be an interesting and fun year ahead!