Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop and a Restorative Broth with Soba Noodles

Restoration Farm is bursting with sweet, crisp sugar snap peas. What to do with the abundance of bright green crescents to highlight their snappy crunch that crackles with the excitement of early summer?

My solution is a broth of soba noodles and fresh summer vegetables – many from Restoration Farm - that is simmered just long enough to heat the broth without sacrificing the tantalizing crispness of those just-picked sugar snap peas that are destined to be a memory by the time the blazing summer heat arrives. Radishes add a dash of color, and slivers of fresh ginger add bite, and since the broth is barely heated, the vegetables retain their freshly picked goodness.

Broth of Soba Noodles and Snap Peas from Restoration Farm

1 handful of freshly-picked snap peas
1 garlic scape cut in slivers
3 medium radishes, sliced paper thin
1 small piece of ginger, cut in slivers
Several leaves of red lettuce, shredded
2 cups chicken broth
A dash of rice wine and a dash of soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook ¼ pack of soba noodles in boiling water about 6 minutes. Rinse with cold water and drain.

Add the snap peas, garlic scapes, radish slices and ginger to the broth along with the rice wine and soy sauce. Heat until just simmering. Add the cooked soba noodles and add the lettuce last, stirring until just wilted.

©2009 T.W. Barritt All Rights Reserved


Christo Gonzales said...

I could eat this for my breakfast - right now! good job!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

This is the type of dish you could enjoy hot or cold, I think, maybe adding a bit more soy sauce if you're having it cold. Looks like the CSA season at Restoration Farm is off to a great start.

veron said...

love love soba noodles and I'm with doggybloggy about having this for breakfast right now.

Foodiewife said...

What a colorful bowl of deliciousness! My local "Farm" has sugar snap peas. I'm leaning towards an Asian shrimp dish-- but this soup looks simple, yet satisfying. I have a box of beef broth with ginger (from Trader Joe's)...hmmm, this is taking on a life of it's own with my visual tastebuds! We are so lucky to have freshly grown produce at our fingertips!

Lori Lynn said...

Looks delicious, healthy, and fresh!
I'm a fan of soba noodles, have you tried the green ones, made with powdered green tea?

Stacey Snacks said...

TW, what a beautiful, healthy summer soup!
I bought sugar snaps and sweet peas at the farmers' market this weekend, looking for ideas.....

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

DB - it would sure beat bran flakes.

Lydia - this was one of the rare times I was flying without a recipe. Your wonderful Asian dishes, and soba memories inspired me.

Veron - what about a soba noodle breakfast truck?

Debby - I loved that the freshness of all the vegetables was as crisp as possible.

Lori - Green Tea Soba Noodles? Very cool - I'm going to find them!

Stacey - there is such a bounty right now - I may be looking at snap pea pesto!

~~louise~~ said...

I'm in need of a bit of restoration this week. Actually, I too wouldn't mind have a bowl for breakfast. Simply refreshing..

Thanks for sharing, T.W.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

This is my kind of go-to meal. It's so light, refreshing, and healthy.

Jann said...

This looks absolutely delicious! So healthy......