Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Luscious Moment at Butta’ Cakes, Greenport Cupcake Factory

I have this secret fantasy. If I had the ability to choose any profession, I would love to be Cakespy. Imagine traveling the world in search of the perfect cupcake? Think of the danger, the intrigue, the icing and the extraordinary sugar highs!

So, when I happened upon the just-opened “butta’ cakes” at 119 Main Street in Greenport, New York, it was like that defining moment in an Alfred Hitchcock movie when the reluctant hero must decide whether to leap into action.

I immediately asked myself the question, “What would Cakespy do?”

First, take pictures. Then, eat!

Owner Marc LaMaina serves up high-fashion, fantasy cupcakes at an unassuming storefront in the bustling seaport town. In keeping with the factory-style theme, cupcake varieties sit on wire stands and are labeled simply with black magic marker on the glass display case.

The Lemon Cupcake stands tall adorned with a dollop of frothy butter cream and a shocking yellow piece of lemon jelly slice candy. LaMaina’s style is subtle, not saccharine. The cake is deliciously tender and the icing is velvety smooth, without being cloying. Other insanely enticing options are Coconut and Oreo Cookie. It was a tough choice, but believe me, I’m going back for more!

And, if Cakespy is interested, I’d be more than willing to attend cupcake boot camp and become a full-fledge member of the team.

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Julia said...

Sounds like you'd make a great cakespy! And what a treasure to find a good cupcake!! A few cupcake joints have opened in Boston and they've all been disappointing. (though Dave's Fresh Past does sell a great "one-bite" cupcake.)

Stacey Snacks said...

I am loving your posts on the North Fork.
We leave for the Hamptons tomorrow, and I hope to take that ride to visit the creamery and maybe a cupcake or two.
Thanks for the info!

~~louise~~ said...

Such style, such grace, I'm all over that cupcake! I'll be making my yearly venture to Greenport this summer. I'll report back T.W. Sleuth:)

chez aurora said...

Cakespy or not, thanks for the tip! I'll have to check them out next time I'm out there. On second thought, they look so delicous it might even be worth a special trip! :)

veron said...

You would make a great cupcake gumshoe, T.W.. That cupcake looks luscious and it did look like it did not have any cloying sweetness.

Jann said...

Hope you can get into the boot-camp. I have taken quite a liking to these little cakes since visiting the Magnolia store in NYC.I am seeing more and more cupcakes in stores and also more could post some new recipes for us!!

Helene said...

What a great flavor you pick. Must be an interesting job to travel around for cupcakes.

~~louise~~ said...

Congratulations! T.W.

I may be a little late but I just saw your blog listed on the The Perfect Pantry's 10 Favorite Food Blogs list @

Kudos to you!!!

Jamie said...

Oooh so would I! And I say "Good job" cupcake spy! If anything, you made me want a cupcake!

Anonymous said...

Butta Cakes cupcakes are THE BEST I've ever had. . .but the next time you go, you've GOT to try the creamsicle cupcake. It's to die for. I don't need to leave a name ~ Marc will KNOW who posted this!