Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 – A Year of Culinary Types

The 2012 Christmas Cake - A Glorious Egg Nog Bundt Cake
In a year that brought change, sorrow, uncertainty and the cruel forces of nature, the healing and restorative power of food provided nourishment.   
Katie Stagliano and the giant cabbage that inspired "Katie's Krops"
Many Culinary Types devoted their energies in 2012 to nurturing communities in need.  Inspired by a giant cabbage she grew from seed, vegetable gardener Katie Stagliano started a nationwide movement, recruiting other teens like herself to plant gardens to feed the hungry.   Katie’s Krops gardens are flourishing across the country, and Katie aims to establish gardens in all 50 states.
Susan Salem and Annie McPartlin nurtured The Garden at St. Mark's
Susan Salem and Annie McPartlin set an example for churches all over Long Island that wondered how to better utilize their property.  The women planted "The Garden at St. Mark’s" at their church in Bellmore.   The produce is harvested to feed hungry families throughout Long Island.  
Courtney and Jim Thompson opened "A Taste of Long Island"
Daughter and Dad team Courtney and Jim Thompson were inspired by the local foods and food artisans all over Long Island.   They opened “A Taste of Long Island” in Farmingdale, a specialty food market and shared use kitchen.   Food entrepreneurs can create artisanal food products in the professional kitchen, and sell their goods in the storefront retail market.    
Restoration Farm offered a harvest of life for its members
Restoration Farm, the CSA located in Old Bethpage, Long Island continued to flourish, not only as a source of locally-grown food, but as a life-giving source of community for its members.

My friend Louise Volper retired her excellent blog “Months Of Edible Celebrations” after a long run.    A meticulous researcher and historian, Louise was for years the premiere source of information on how to celebrate life with festive foods ranging from Chocolate Fondue to Cracker Jacks.     
The Daffodil Cake welcomed Spring
The Daffodil Cake, first discovered on Louise’s blog, proved a light and delectable harbinger of the season of Spring.  
Hope springs eternal for the Twinkie
We mourned the demise of the Twinkie, and hoarded any remaining cream-filled sponge cakes from the supermarket shelves.   There are seven Twinkies remaining in my freezer, but I haven’t given up hope that, like the Phoenix, the Twinkie will rise again!
Hudson Valley cheese maker Rory Chase of The Amazing Real Live Food Co.
We visited cheese makers in the Hudson Valley and learned how their craft reflects the heart, soul and soil of the region.   
Mad Me-Shell defended her title as the Queen of the Food Trucks
My buddy Mad Me-Shell continued to burnish her creds as the High Priestess of Street Food with a smack down at the SamichBox on the streets of Chicago. 
The Durger hit the streets of New York City
Speaking of food trucks, the smoky and lip-smacking “Durger” from Trusty Burgers and Bites rocked my world.
Zany's "Lobster-fest"
Dear Zany took her appetite all the way to Russia, and joined me on the streets of New York for a summertime seafood extravaganza that would put a certain restaurant chain to shame.
Apple Trace at Restoration Farm remembers the spirit of my Dad
And, Apple Trace was planted in memory of my dad James at Restoration Farm.    Although we miss Dad terribly, these eight heirloom saplings are a living reminder of his love and energetic spirit.  
Vasilopita - St. Basil's Bread for New Years
Recipe at "One Perfect Bite"
May we all experience love, energy, spirit, community and nourishment in 2013.   Happy New Year!  

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Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Fabulous summary of the year. I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward with great pleasure to 2013 and Restoration Farms.

Happy New Year T.W.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Another year of beautiful stories about people we're so glad to get to know.

Zany said...

I feel like it was yesterday that I commented on the 2011 year-end story! I guess time flies when you're busy dining on great food with great people. I have to admit I chuckled a bit when I saw that you still have seven Twinkies in your freezer - you certainly know how to ration!

Gloria Baker said...

a beautiful year, thanks by sharing dear T.W. have a Happy New Year!!

Velva said...

What an amazing journey in food this past year. Let's hope in 2013 Mother Nature is a bit kinder and may the gardens at Restoration Farm be bursting with bounty.

Wishing you a Happy New Year. May peace, family, laughter and plenty of good food fill your home.


Lynn said...

I found your blog via one of Louise's old posts at Months of Edible Celebrations. Lovely blog! I'm happy to meet you and will have to spend some serious time poking around here :)

Deana Sidney said...

Lovely memories... Happy New Year!

Rosita Vargas said...

Se ve todo irresistible y felicitaciones por el repollo gigante muy hermoso.¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo lleno de paz y amor!!…abrazos y abrazos.

Barbara said...

Wonderful post, T. W. Looking forward to spending 2013 reading more about Zany, Mad Me, Restoration Farm and all the other good things you discover and tell us about.
Happy New Year to you!

Mary Bergfeld said...

You've had an amazing journey this year. I am looking for to Culinary Types 2013. Have a wonderful New Year, T.W. Blessings...Mary

Kalyn Denny said...

What a delicious and interesting year you had. Hope 2013 will be a good one too. And I hope I get to see you sometime (maybe at BlogHer Food?)

Anonymous said...

What a glorius recap of 2012 from your lovely blog!

Thanks so much for sharing & thanks for the 2013 wishes too! :)

I wish you also a very happy 2013 filled with joy, many adventures & really good food too! :)

~~louise~~ said...

Awe Gee, T.W. To be settled amongst such "culinary types" is such an honor. Thank YOU!

It was quite the year, 2012, here's to a Happy, Healthy, Resolved New Year in 2013!

Happy New Year to You and Yours T.W. I will visit often. Louise

tasteofbeirut said...

Reading your entry is always a treat! I admit I have never (in over thirty years) succumbed to the appeal of the Twinkie so I cant say I am going to miss it. Who knows maybe it will come back with natural ingredients instead of state-of-the-art chemicals?

Kat said...

Loved the recap of the year. Hope you have a wonderful new year with many blessings.