Sunday, November 10, 2013

Carrot Cake Jam From the Field to the Jar

I once had a friend who believed that carrot cake was an acceptable choice on any diet, since technically it is a vegetable.  I’m not sure Carrot Cake Jam exactly qualifies as a vegetable, but what goes into the jar was harvested in the field and it sure tastes a lot like the cake after which it is named.  

The final pickup of the 2013 season at Restoration Farm features crisp, sunny carrots that sparkle in the morning light. The splash of bright orange color immediately catches the eye.  
Root vegetables personify the heartiest traits of the farm, drawing their earthy flavor directly from the elements of soil and water that comprises the land.  
Perhaps it is my need to extend the season that prompts me to – once again – organize a weekend canning project. This recipe for Carrot Cake Jam intrigues me.  The jam evokes tradition, and the flavors of Carrot Cake a touch of nouveau cuisine. 

Grated carrots, chopped pears and canned pineapple are simmered with sugar, pectin and warm autumn seasonings – cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  I’ll be able to enjoy the sweet carrots of Restoration Farm for some time to come.  
By now, my canning skills are practically instinctive, which was a goal of mine for the season. Once hesitant to tackle home preserving, it now comes quite naturally.  
Here’s the rub with jam.  You actually can’t sample the fruit of your labor until the job is complete – the jam is just too hot.   But, the aroma is rich and inviting, and a pretty clear indicator of success.  
The delectable spread packed into the jars is chunky and sweet, and the house indeed smells like warm Carrot Cake is baking in the oven. 
A slice of homemade bread spread with cream cheese and Carrot Cake Jam on a bracing autumn afternoon will assure that the flavors and textures of Restoration Farm continue to delight the senses. 
©2013 T.W. Barritt All Rights Reserved 


Anonymous said...

Ooh,... you picked out a great & tasty carrot cake jam recipe!

I will be making this for sure! I have still to use up fresh home frown carrots from my father's garden,...Thank you my friend for a great tasty & special recipe!

I love your cute stickers! :) Very cool too!

Barbara said...

My gosh, those carrots look fabulous. Fat and bright. Aside from roasting them in the oven, your carrot cake jam looks like the perfect answer to that lovely bunch. Super combination and I can just imagine how wonderful your home smelled while cooking. You're getting to be a pro at canning AND bread!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

You are really moving up in the world of canning TW. I am impressed with your skills as well as your carrot cake jam and all of the lovely flavors it must impart. Way cool stickers.

Laura Luciano said...

This looks incredible T.W. - I am so looking forward to canning with you... soon! You are a PRO. :) I am sure this on a warm piece of bread with some cream cheese would be insanely delicious.

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Sunday T.W!

I relish the thought of you preserving the goodness of Restoration Farm. As a carrot grower from way back, I must compliment the "gang" at the farm for their impeccable carrots. Growing carrots firm and straight is no easy task for this gal. I'm impressed:)

You sure have come a long way in your canning skills too. I can't even imagine where you get the time.

I sure wouldn't mind some Carrot Cake Jam and a slathering of cream cheese on some home made bread right about now. I do believe the aroma must be intoxicating!

Thank you so much for sharing, T.W.

Paul said...

Sounds and looks yummy! Yea, those labels look cool. I'm looking for someplace I can get some labels for my items.

Arthur in the Garden! said...

Wow! Looks wonderful!

Zany said...

Those carrots look gorgeous! And leave it to you to figure out how to turn a plain vegetable into a distinct, delicious treat!

Gloria Baker said...

what beautiful jam! look amazing and love the color TW.
really look beauty:)

Catherine said...

Dear T.W., These would be a fine Christmas present. I bet someone would be very happy to receive this jam. It would cost a pretty penny at a fancy store.
Anyway, I am glad that you have achieved your goal and become a pro at canning.
Blessings, Catherine

Velva said...

I never thought about using carrots in a jam. This looks wonderful. My carrots have just been planted and this would be a creative and wonderful way to use my garden carrots. I am going to make this recipe too. Love this. Thank you.

My canning skills are still novice but, I am learning. I love the opportunity to nest in my kitchen and canning provides that experience for me.

I just came back from North Georgia and I brought home 30 lbs. of apples. I am planning to make applesauce and a lot of it.

Happy fall.


Golden Sun Restaurant said...

This is a great way to make my kids eat veggies :) Thanks for the recipe! This reminds me of the time I used to experiment in the kitchen all the time before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me try this one during the weekend!