Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Blizzard, a Couple of Entrepreneurs and Honey Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread

Some days are just made for baking bread – the morning after winter storm Nemo made his exit, for example.  

Yes, while my neighbors were digging out, I was kneading bread.    Here’s why.
While the Weather Channel was trumpeting the arrival of Nemo, I was wishing hard – wishing that I would get a call from “Jim and Nick Snow Removal.”   Five years ago, just prior to another threatening storm, Jim and Nick left a leaflet in my windshield at the train station.  They were probably just entering junior high school at the time, and I admired their entrepreneurial spirit.  The storm was as bad as predicted and I called them.   They arrived with a SWAT team of workers and in about 30 minutes, they’d disposed of mountains of snow.  

Now, whenever the snow prediction is dire, I get a phone call, and soon after, Jim and Nick arrive.   I fear at some point they’ll go off to college, but so far, their record is impeccable.   Once again, my wish was granted.  This time, it was Jim and Matt.   Like most great business partnerships, perhaps Nick has moved on, but his name remains part of the marquee service.
Sure they’re a little pricey, but I gladly pay it.  Jim and Nick (and Matt) are worth it.  They wrapped the job in about 40 minutes.  It would have taken me at least three hours.  They saved my aching bones, and I feel that I’m contributing to the future success of a team of enterprising young businessmen.  

And, I get to bake bread, which is one of the best things in life – Honey Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread, which will probably be spread with a dollop of apple butter prepared at a recent Restoration Farm canning workshop. 

Even the brilliant red cardinal, shivering atop my back yard tree was happy as Jim and Nick (and Matt) did their magic, bread was baking in the oven and Nemo made his dramatic exit.
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Barbara said...

If that's your house, you got a big hit from Nemo. Nice to have snow removal help at the ready.
My daughter lives in TriBeCa and said it didn't amount to much and was already melting yesterday afternoon.
Luckily, you have electricity to make that fabulous bread! Can't think of anything more delicious on a snowy day.

Deana Sidney said...

I just heard the opposite story of a newly purchased house, a city person's call about worry over too much snow on a soon to be replaced roof and the crew not bothering to show up or care. Arrival a few weeks later had a crushed roof, ruined floors and a shrug. Your guys are more than worth it... so's the bread. I made bread and chocolate cookies for my blizzard day and felt so good for doing it!!

Anonymous said...

Contributing to the "kid economy" is part of our job as adults! And, the fact that we don't have to do our own shoveling is nice, too. Glad you came through the storm with electricity intact, and a loaf of bread to enjoy.

~~louise~~ said...

Good morning T.W!

I was wondering how you weathered the storm. It looks like you did just fine.

It's wonderful that you have "on call" snow removal. I once arrived home from NY to PA and to my surprise my driveway was plowed by one of my neighbors. I too am now feeding the entrepreneurial spirit. However, Nemo was kind to us and we only had a few flurries:)

Your bread looks heavenly!

Thanks for sharing...

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

It sounds like you had everything covered. Snow removed and bread baked. Smarter than the average person.

Zany said...

Did you make any bread for the neighbors? I can only imagine their jealousy when your crew arrived...

Velva said...

I have no concept what it is like to be covered in snow (sigh). I can appreciate a good set of healthy boys to help remove it, and a really nice loaf of bread in the oven.

Glad all is well.


Gloria Baker said...

What lovely whole wheat oatmeal bread!! Look absolutely yunnn!
Love the snow picture!!!!'::

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Here's to Jim and Nick and that good looking loaf of bread you whipped up.

Anonymous said...

That bread looks freaking delicious!

The snow & bread picture look cool!